While properly securing a business and keeping safety and usability in mind, the lines between locksmithing, door hardware, fire safety and automatic access can often be blurred and having more then one company taking care of all of these items can often lead to headaches when dealing with multiple vendors. At Atlas Integrated Security, we cover the full range of devices and services needed to make sure your entire opening is working together seamlessly, not just one or two parts. Call us today to schedule an appointment or to get an estimate.


Whether through a simple key inventory, stand alone keypads, or a fully integrated badge and camera system, controlling who can move in, out or through your facility is always a security concern. At Atlas Integrated Security we are a full systems integrator: we make sure that whatever solution you have selected is the best for your facility, usage, and budget and that it is fully integrated with your polices, procedures, relevant building codes, and other security systems.


Is your automatic entry ADA and manufacture compliant? Unfortunately, if it’s not, it could lead to increased liability, and reduced lifetime and value of the opening. Automatic doors can add a great deal of value to an opening when working properly and in good order - but only if they’re installed right. Atlas Integrated Security has AAADM certified technicians who can properly repair, maintain, inspect and install a full range of automatic door operators and systems and ensure a full lifetime of the equipment while properly integrating the opening with your access control and security systems.


Keeping eyes on your facility, people, and patrons is an integral part of your security system. Whether recording for later use or actively monitoring on or off site, Atlas can ensure that your CCTV systems are properly installed, legally and in line with the needs of your team. As systems integrator, we can also make sure that your CCTV system is fully capable of proper notification and automatic action if needed.


Locks are not the only hardware on your doors; Hinges can wear out, squeaking and keeping doors from closing properly. Thresholds can become loose, causing a tripping hazard or letting the outside in. Door closers and panic hardware can be damaged and vision and louver kits can break and wear out. At Atlas Integrated Security, we can help you fix all of these issues and more. Call us today to schedule a service or to talk to our staff and receive an estimate.


Fire Doors are always of special concern. If properly installed, maintained, and utilized, they can ensure that any fire stays in a small section of your facility while still allowing everyone to escape from danger safely. At Atlas we can fully inspect, install, and maintain all of the needed parts to ensure that your fire doors work properly in the case that they are needed.


Intrusion detection is often considered paramount in any facility. However, many times it is not properly configured and tested. As security integrator at Atlas, we can help ensure that there are no gaps and that the monitoring automation systems are all working together to provide the best in intrusion detection and response.

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